Re-launch Rainforest Way website

1 August 2016

The new Rainforest Way drive tourism route website was officially launched today. Originally launched in 2004 by the then Northern Rivers Tourism, the Rainforest Way is now managed by the Australia’s Green Cauldron National Landscape Steering Committee.   The recent work has been to update the website and the scenic drive routes to include new […]


For tourism operators

About the National Landscapes Program


Australia’s National Landscapes Program focuses on developing high quality ecotourism products and was established to promote iconic landscapes, areas of natural beauty and historical significance throughout 16 landscapes across Australia.


Since the end of 2014, Ecotourism Australia has administered the National Landscapes Program on behalf of all invested National landscape stakeholders.


Australia’s Green Cauldron is the conduit to the National Landscapes Program, which local tourism operators can link to and align with in order to advance their respective product experiences. It provides a unique and significant opportunity to facilitate cross-border relationships and bring together a collective of key industry organisations and agencies who are committed to developing state, regional and local tourism sectors.


For more information about the Program, download the Australia’s National Landscapes brochure.



Why should you align your business with Australia’s Green Cauldron and Australia’s National Landscapes Program?


Australia’s Green Cauldron provides operators in the tourism and conservation industry a platform to engage with and elevate their unique natural, cultural or adventure experience to the international tourist market.


It provides those nature-based or tourism-related businesses who wish to be involved with the program and who are committed to promoting the National Landscape with useful tools and resources that can be used to enhance, develop and promote both your business and your region and in association with Australia’s Green Cauldron, gain exposure via the Federal Government’s National Landscapes Program.


It’s about how you, your business and your entire community connect with this unique landscape. The more people who are (directly or indirectly) involvement with promoting this program, the quicker your target audience will understand what it is that makes your landscape and the experiences offered within it, so unique and a “must-do” on their list.


If you are interested in learning more and becoming involved in this national tourism and conservation program get in touch with us now.



Each and every visitor to Australia’s Green Cauldron will leave inspired and touched by their experience of our region’s world-class rainforest, surfing and marine opportunities, its spiritual values, cultural connections, creative communities and sustainable lifestyles.


Our Values – How we want Australia’s Green Cauldron to develop as a destination:

  • We want to be front-of-mind for nature-based experiences in Australia
  • It is critical that we are known for the right things – conservation, our cultural connections, environmental ethic
  • We do not want to see inappropriate development wreck our landscape and our future – we want to see the environment protected and enhanced for future generations
  • We want a balanced approach between tourism, lifestyle and conservation
  • We want to retain our lifestyle, our character and our sense of place.
  • The destination offering high quality, seamless experiences and consistent customer service
  • We need the whole community to understand Australia’s Green Cauldron, what it offers for visitors and commit to delivering this.